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One of the topmost food chains that specialize in burgers is Burger King. There are numerous of these stores that are spread all over the different parts of the world. No doubt that Burger King has some tough competitors but it has developed its business quite well. The main reason behind this is that Burger King is concerned about the satisfaction of their customers.

They have a survey which is known as MyBKexperience where they encourage their customers to give feedback concerning the restaurant. As far as the company is concerned, the survey helps them in knowing if they are living up to the expectations of their customers.

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What is MyBKexperience Survey?

They make sure to access the results obtained from the survey taken by their customers so that they can measure the satisfaction of their guests who visit their franchise. In this way, they understand better as to which are the different aspects that need improvement. In this way, Burger King can cater to all the needs of their guests. This tends to be a great initiative taken by the company which benefits both the guests as well as the restaurant.

Also, this is one way that the restaurant will be able to solve all the urgent needs of its customers. Irrespective of if you are happy or not with the service provided at the franchise of Burger King that you visited, you can take part in their survey. If you take this survey you can also prove that you are one of the loyal customers out there.

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What are the requirements for taking the MyBKexperience Survey?

There are so many satisfied customers that visit Burger King time and again for their dedicated service as well as their delicious burgers. Have you thought of winning a free sandwich at Burger King? Well, this can be a reality now. If you take part in their survey, then you will get a free whopper.

To take part in the Burger King survey, make sure you have access to the following things and they include:

  • The receipt: if you want to have access to the MyBKexperience then you need to have a receipt. So, after you have purchased your item make sure you ask the cashier for your receipt. Having this receipt is very important because it has some crucial details which will be required for the portal.
  • PC, laptop or a tablet: when accessing the survey portal, it will be better if you make use of the laptop or Pc rather than a smartphone. This will give you a better display of the entire portal. Apart from this, when you take a survey from a computer it is much quicker in comparison to a mobile phone. Also, you need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection to keep away from hassle while filling in the survey form. The survey won’t take much of your time but just around 5 minutes or so depending on the speed of your internet.

What is the Burger King survey rule?

Well, you need to be well aware of the survey rules before you even get started. So, let us take a glance at what these include so that you can participate in the survey without any hassle. If you participate in the survey as per the rules and requirements, then you will win a whopper.

One receipt is for only one entry: if you have just one Burger King receipt then you will be entitled to participate in the survey just once. So, if you have already used the survey code earlier then you will not be allowed to participate in the portal again.

Is there any limitation to the survey?

As far as the limitation is being concerned, the survey available for a person in a month is only once. This implies that in 30 days you are entitled to the survey just once. Also, the reward cannot be availed by the family members of the staff at Burger King. But there is no rule with regards to the age of the participant. If the participant is less than 13 years of age, then the parent will have to accompany them other than that everyone is welcome to take part in the Burger King survey.

What about the survey period?

If the survey period is over, then Burger King closes down their survey for their customers. After the survey has been closed then you will find no survey code on your receipt. But you might still have access to the survey portal but you cannot participate in the survey. In this case, you will have to wait until they start with their next survey period.

The reward obtained from the survey: the survey reward from Burger King needs to be collected within 30 days. So, the coupon that you get needs to be availed within one month of taking the survey. Also, the rewards will be based on their promotional offers. So, in every survey period, Burger King has some new reward to offer to its guests.

How To Participate in the Burger King survey with MyBKexperience?

In the first place, you will have to visit the site of the survey mentioned on your bill. You can choose the language as per your preference and carry on with the further process.

After this, you will have to put down the number of the store of Burger King and then they will ask you to give the validation code of the survey.

mybkexperience-Survey Receipt

After you have done all this, then you need to answer the survey. Here, they want you to provide your feedback which is useful to the restaurant as they can cater to your needs better.

This will also help them to provide all their customers with a better dining experience. Also, if you have some specific complaints with regards to the food or the staff then you can put it down so that they look into the matter carefully.

Finally, you can take your coupon and claim your reward.

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